As a One of a Kind Show Toronto Exhibitor,
you are eligible for automatic acceptance and specially
discounted membership and commission fees.

One of a Kind Online Shop Features

Automatic Acceptance
As a current One of a Kind Show Toronto exhibitor you are pre-approved to open an online shop. Your work has already been juried based on the same criteria, therefore you represent the craftsmanship we strive to make available in our online shop.

Upload New Products
With your automatic acceptance, you can also add new products to your online shop without having to go through the selection committee (Selling criteria is still in effect – see below for more details).

Lower Monthly & Commission Fees
Upload as much as you’d like, as there are no listing fees. Instead we offer a low monthly rate of $5 ($60/year) and 5% commission of every sale.

Make it your own
Customize your One of a Kind Online Store to reflect your company. We’ve built in tools that allow you to feature your process with video integration, showcase your studio space with photography uploads and profile customization to incorporate the aesthetics of your brand. This will enable promotion of your presence at the One of a Kind Show and Sale year round. The One of a Kind Show has always been a celebration of the artisans behind the creations, we want to make sure this mandate is also reflected in our online shop!

Track your sales
Your artisan console gives you real-time feedback on sales, commissions, orders, and data about what customers were interested in to help you tune your presentation.

Shop everywhere!
The One of a Kind Online Shop is built to work on all electronic devices. Customers can shop on their mobile devices, iPads, laptops, etc.

Every artisan is juried
To maintain integrity to your craft and to keep your product searchable, all new artisans will be reviewed by our selection committee.

List of Criteria for Selling

  • You must be the designer
  • Applicant must also be involved in the creation and production of your art and craft
  • You must reside in North America
  • Your art or craft must be made in North America

Questions and Answers

How does payment work?
Artisans will be required to setup a PayPal account upon gaining access to the online shop (it is free to sign up for PayPal). All consumer purchase transactions through the One of a Kind Online Shop will be facilitated and approved by PayPal. Upon approval of consumer transaction, funds will be directly deposited into the artisan's Paypal account, less One of a Kind commission and all Paypal fees. No monthly invoicing or redirects of funds – money moves directly from customer to you.

As an exhibitor of the One of a Kind Show, you will be offered the reduced commission rate of 5% per item sold at the One of a Kind Online Shop (the 5% commission rate is based on the price of the product).

PayPal will also charge you 2.9% of the sale total, plus 30 cents for each transaction.

Please note taxes apply to all fees and commission rates.

What is the return policy?
If your customer would like to return a product they have purchased, you will be required to manage their request and facilitate the full return. It is therefore important for you to carefully consider and state your return and/or refund policy before opening your shop. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we suggest that you be as detailed as possible in your product descriptions and product images to avoid any misinterpretations by your customer.

We will be providing more documentation on this topic so you can better decide what to do with your own shop’s return policy. But remember, whether you sell in person or online, having good communication and customer service is always important!

How do I deal with shipping?
Once a transaction takes place, the order with shipping information, payment, and any special notes will go directly to you, the seller. It will be your responsibility to fulfill and ship this order directly to the customer within the promised schedule you have stated on your online shop. You are free to choose which ever shipping services you want to use, and you will also determine what additional shipping charges you will need to add to fulfill the order.

As stated above, you will determine the timeline when you can begin to ship your products. While most of the One of a Kind customers understand that handmade items take time to create, you should always be very clear as to how long it will take you to finish the work before shipping can take place. Again, depending on what services you use to ship your products, you must clearly indicate on your storefront a delivery timeline.

Here is an example to clearly indicate your production and delivery timeline, so that your customers can get a better sense when they will receive their order:

Please note all items are made to order. Please expect 3-5 days for production before shipping takes place.

Delivery Timeline: 3-5 business days using [name of service]

How does the Exhibitor Rate work? What about the Annual Membership Fee?
The One of a Kind Online Shop will charge a 5% commission rate (plus HST) based on the retail price of each product sold by exhibitors.

An annual membership fee of $5.00 per month ($60/year) must be paid upon receipt and signing of the Online Shop contract.

If you cancel your participation at the One of a Kind Show and Sale, their Online Shop status will change to non-exhibitor, and the commission rate will be increased to 7.5%.

Membership fees for both exhibitors and non-exhibitors are locked in annually, so no change will occur even if your status as an exhibitor or non-exhibitor changes. This rate will be updated/adjust accordingly depending on your status as an exhibitor or non exhibitor when your renewal period is up.

Do I need to collect taxes?
Artisans are all expected to collect and remit GST/HST where applicable. (We’ll help you understand this.)

Each of my pieces is unique, how can I communicate this information to my potential customer?
In your product description, you can clearly outline the details of your work. While most customers who purchase handmade pieces will understand that no two pieces are exactly alike, you can always clearly identify this information on your product listing page.

We also encourage each of the sellers to discuss their production processes on their own profile page. This is another opportunity for you to showcase your craftsmanship, and help your customers understand how each pieces sold in the online shop come to life!

Can I use the online shop to sell custom pieces?
Yes! You can tell your customers that custom versions are available. You can also provide your customers with a secret link to purchase their custom pieces!

I already sell online on my own website, can I be a part of your shop?
Yes, there is no exclusivity with your participation. If you sell on your own website, you can be a part of One of a Kind Online Shop as well! Some of our sellers do choose to sell unique, special pieces on the Online shop to make their presence more distinct! You are definitely encouraged to do that, although it is not mandatory.

We understand many of you have your own e-commerce sites, and that’s awesome! However, selling at the One of a Kind Online Shop is another opportunity to expose your work to qualified customers who love and trust the One of a Kind brand that may not be necessarily visiting your website. In a way, having your work available at the Online Shop is a great PR and marketing opportunity to showcase your pieces amongst other local handmade talents! Many of our customers do make multiple purchases from various sellers with each visit to the shop. Much like the Show, we are the one stop destination for One of a Kind fans to shop handmade!

I have more questions!
If you have any other questions, please send us a note at