Become a part of the One of a Kind family –
from the comfort of your home

Throughout our 40 year history we’ve built a loyal and qualified show audience of over 200,000 visitors, 96% of whom go home with a purchase — and 78% of whom want the opportunity to shop One of a Kind online all year long.

Our artisans and their process are just as important to us as the final product. We take care in our selection process to ensure integrity and credibility for what is offered in our online shop. We ensure categories aren’t over saturated and your company and products are not hard to find.

The Jury Process & Application Considerations

If you are currently not contracted to sell at the 2015 One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale or the 2016 One of a Kind Spring or Christmas Show and Sale, you are required to fill in an application to setup on the One of a Kind Online Shop. Your submission will be reviewed and approved by the selection committee. We do this so that we can maintain the integrity and credibility we’ve built over 40 years, sharing only the very best craftsmanship with our customers.

To apply, please fill in the online application form and attach the following support materials:

 Step-by-Step Procedure
 Product Price List
 10 Product Images
 3 Studio Images
 $25 application fee

Once you are approved by the jury you can renew your contract each year without having to be juried back in. Welcome to the family!

List of Criteria for Selling

  • You must be the designer
  • Applicant must also be involved in the creation and production of the art and craft
  • You must reside in North America
  • Your art or craft must be made in North America
  • Your application package will be juried for the quality, uniqueness and salability of your product

  • Things you should know about One of a Kind Online Shop

    Upload New Products
    Once you are approved to sell, you can add new products to your online shop without having to go through the selection committee. Selling criteria is still in effect to ensure all products are handmade.

    Simple Monthly & Commission Fees
    Upload as much as you’d like, as there are no upload fees. Instead we offer a low monthly rate of $7.50 ($90/year) and a 7.5% commission on every sale.

    Make it your own
    Customize your One of a Kind Online Store to reflect your company. We’ve built in multiple tools that allow you to feature your process with video integration, showcase your studio space with photography uploads and profile customization to incorporate the aesthetics of your brand. The One of a Kind Show has always been a celebration of the artisans behind the creations, and we want to make sure this mandate is also reflected in our online shop!

    Build your audience
    We incorporate easy to use social media tools so your customers can help you spread the word. Create lists of your favourite artisans and you’ll tie into a big friendly network of like-minded artisans.

    Track your sales
    Your artisan console gives you real-time feedback on sales, commissions, orders, and data about what customers were interested in to help you tune your presentation.

    Shop everywhere!
    The One of a Kind Online Shop is built to work on all electronic devices. Customers can shop on their mobile devices, iPads, laptops, etc.

    Every artisan is juried
    To maintain integrity to your craft and to keep your product searchable, all new artisans will be reviewed by our selection committee.

    Questions and Answers

    When will I find out if I’m accepted to sell online?
    The selection committee reviews new applications between the 1st and 15th of every month, which means that it will only jury applications that have been submitted before the 1st of the month. If an application is submitted on the 1st, it will not be juried until the following month (see example below).

    Application Submission Date: March 3rd
    Jury Date for Application: April 1st-15th
    Acceptance Standing Notice: April 21st

    How do customer payments get processed?
    In order to sell on the One of a Kind Online Shop, each seller will need to setup a PayPal account to process transactions. We’ve built a seamless transaction process, where all payments will go directly to your PayPal account from the customer. Get familiar with PayPal or setup your account today.

    Do I need to collect taxes?
    Artisans are all expected to collect and remit GST/HST where applicable. (And we’ll help you understand this.)

    Who is responsible for shipments and returns of products sold?
    Once a transaction takes place, the order with shipping information, payment, and any special notes will go directly to you, the seller. It will be your responsibility to fulfill and ship this order directly to the customer within the promised schedule you have stated on your online shop. It is also your responsibility to state and implement return policies. If your customer would like to return a product they have purchased, you will be required to manage their request and facilitate the full return. It is therefore important for you to carefully consider and state your return and/or refund policy before opening your shop, and there will be a place to add this information in the dashboard of your store. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we suggest that you be as detailed as possible in your product descriptions and product images to avoid any misinterpretations by your customer.

    I have more questions!
    If you have any other questions, please send us a note at