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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Alvéole is first and foremost a labor of love, launched in 2012 by three friends: Alex, Declan and Étienne. Having spent many years as beekeepers in Manitoba, they took on the mission to pursue their passion for bees closer to people, in cities.

And so Alvéole was born, a brand unlike any other that merges beekeeping, education and community.

These days, the team is buzzing with ideas for rallying citizens around bees – honey being but a lever towards a better understanding of the environment and of urban greening. We are in the midst of our second season here in Toronto and are in awe of the bounty our urban landscape provides as well as the open arms our clients have towards our incredible honeybees.

Why We’re One of a Kind

First and foremost, Alvéole is One of a Kind because of our approach to beekeeping. Our hives are here in the city in partnerships with companies, organizations, schools and backyard beekeepers to reconnect our urban citizens with their food system and nature in Toronto.

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All of our honey is produced in the city of Toronto and is harvested, extracted, jarred by hand. It truly is a labour of love. Each neighbourhood honey has a distinctive flavour based on what the bees are foraging on in the surrounding area.

We have the utmost respect for our honeybees as they are deeply intelligent creatures that actively contribute to the biodiversity of our urban landscape and increase pollination. Our aim is to utilize unused spaces in the city to actively try to create more than we consume.

Primary Materials

Raw, local honey produced by our lovely italian honeybees treated with care and respect by our small team of Toronto beekeepers. Our honey is harvested, cold extracted, filtered and bottled by hand here in Toronto.

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Shipping Policy

We ship all across Canada.