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Creepy Christine

Creepy Christine

Creepy Christine

Christine Stait-Gardner

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Christine attended art college, has a diploma in merchandising and a degree in Business Administration. Her day job is in Finance, but over the last several years she has rediscovered the love of art she had, for various reasons, suppressed. She works feverishly whenever she can in her home studio on her quirky, darkly humorous paper products, framed art and shadowboxes. She feels she is only just getting started on her creative work and still plans on being a full time artist when she grows up (or retires from the pesky day job). Christine’s work has been shown and sold at The One of a Kind Show, Word on the Street, The Festival of Fear, Design at Riverside/Cambridge Galleries, The Small Press Book Fair, The Bazaar of the Bizarre and the AWOL gallery. Her book “SB and Associates” was purchased by Toronto Public Library Special Collections. Freelance illustration work includes: digital scrapbooks, snowboards, magazines and private commissions.

Why We’re One of a Kind

My artwork features intricately detailed black ink drawings which are incorporated into innovative paper products, toys and oddities. Things that inspire me are Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, decorative papers, plants that look like they came from another planet, forest creatures and moths. But this list grows constantly. I’ll go off on tangents and get obsessed with random topics - imps, cookie cutters, chess pieces, giant squid, mandrake root, cautionary tales… Ideas for new work have a way of just popping into my head. It’s like I have a dusty old cabinet of curiosities in my brain and every once in a while some odd item falls out – “Oh look a Nasty Clown coffin shaped toy.” The root of these ideas can often be tied back to people and events in my life, as well as said random topics. Ask me about any particular book, drawing or card and there very often is a convoluted story behind it which has processed through the crazy alchemy lab of Creepy Christine’s mind. My most recent work is a series of shadow boxes that pay tribute to icons like Vincent Price, Edward Gorey as well as actors from The Addams Family and The Munsters.

Primary Materials

Paper, polymer clay, wood, glass