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Gander & Goose

Gander & Goose

Gander & Goose
Ricky Wong
and Michelle Chin

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


With a background in naturopathic medicine and one working in the real estate industry, Michelle and Ricky make for an odd combination to start up a children’s line of wooden products. Their journey started 3 years ago when they first created a name plate for Ricky’s nephew, Austin. In the beginning, the thought of making this into a business didn’t even cross their minds. It was a simple idea but a unique gift that they wanted to give to a beloved family member to celebrate his first birthday. To celebrate Christmas 6 months later, another name plate was made and given to Michelle’s nephew, James. It wasn’t until after a full year and a small handful of name plates later that they thought they might have something special. Word of mouth and small praise has helped their ironically “unnamed” product grow in popularity. Michelle and Ricky decided in December of 2011, to develop a plan to turn this into a business. Michelle has used her naturopathic background to place emphasis on the products being non-toxic, natural and eco-friendly. Ricky studied Business Administration at York University and has always held a strong passion for art and design. Together, they will combine their unique talents towards making Gander and Goose a successful children’s line of wooden products.

Why We’re One of a Kind

Carved locally and hand painted with a colourful design. Our wood is first sourced locally and crafted by the expert hands of a local carpenter. We then mix NON-TOXIC acrylic paint and HAND PAINT them with colourful designs. Each one has 2-3 coats of paint. A final touch is added with playful crafts which kids love alongside the vibrant colours.

CUSTOMIZE your own design by choosing the colours along with the crafts.

Primary Materials

The simple addition of a little white or a contrasting blue, to the colour yellow, goes a long way towards making the colour shine brightly or look intentionally muted. From colour design to the manufacturing and sourcing of the wooden products and crafts, and to the final process of hand crafting and gluing the product together, Michelle and Ricky are involved in each step. With the first few products created, Michelle and Ricky had sourced their supplies from local craft stores. Since then, in an effort to make the final product more Canadian and eco-friendly, the two has sourced the manufacturing of the wooden products from a local Canadian carpenter. To make the nameplates and coat hook, Gander and Goose sources recycled wood and local Canadian wood, which has a lesser environmental impact. This wood is given to their carpenter friend, Chris, who carves the wood to the desired shapes and appropriate sizes as per design. The unfinished but carved-wood, is then painted and assembled together in a unique design created by Michelle and Ricky. A theme is sometimes chosen to help individualize the nameplate or coat hook. Parents and sometimes the children themselves love to personalize their rooms and Gander and Goose loves to help them do just that.

Shipping Policy

DELIVERY TIME: shipping time is approximately 1-2 weeks within Canada and the U.S which includes production time.