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Essential Oil Perfume - London Fog

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Essential Oil Perfume, All Natural, Sentimental Gift, Natural Perfume, Positive Vibes, Bestfriend Gifts, Unisex, Artisan Perfume

All natural / vegan / cruelty free / alcohol free / organic / hand made / made-to-order / sustainable

Bare feet pounding the moist forest floor. Is it a dream, or a past life memory? Become transported in the journey through English libraries, Black Forests, and hot breath on cold air. The lichen between your toes is fleeting. The Whiskey on your palate becomes evanescent. When you awaken it is clear a part of you is missing, left behind in a fantasy of fur and fangs.

This unisex musk is earthy and mysterious!

Notes: Moist Forest, Moss, Incense, Powdered Florals


Roller Bottles are 10ml full of diluted perfume in a clear, thin glass bottle with gold metal cap and metal rollerball applicator.

Each scent has a semi-precious gemstone within the tube, picked to enhance the properties of the oils.

Bottles come with a label and detailed Perfume Card that extends the description of the perfume from the maker, as well as a full ingredients list. Roller Bottles also come with a description of the stone within. All this in a petite black box, perfect to be reused again!


All perfumes are made with cleansed essential oils and with incantations during the ritual of their creation, promoting spiritual health and positivity for the wearer.

All scents are created upon the time of the order, and let sit to blend and infuse for a minimum of 3-7 days before shipping. This allows for the different scents to mix with one another, as well as the carrier oil, and age much like a wine. The longer the wait, the more evolved and complete the scent.

As these are all natural ingredients, please note that bottles should be kept in a cold, dark space, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat in order to preserve the shelf-life.

Shelf-Life is 1 year.


Due to the natural nature of the product, each batch is especially made on an order-by-order basis and may vary from one to the next. Though we do follow a written formulae, we cannot predict the final outcome of each batch.

There are no refunds or exchanges! All sales are final. Please review our Shop Policies before purchasing!

If you have an issue with your product, please contact me to see if there is something we can do.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Our Essential Oil Blends have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease, condition or illness, nor should be they be used in place of seeking advice from a licensed physician. Please refer to your physician prior to the use of any essential oil product. Women who are pregnant or nursing should contact their qualified practitioner prior to use of any essential oil product. We are not medical professionals nor are we qualified to dispense medical advice. If using a product for an animal/pet, please contact your veterinarian prior to use.

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