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Tri-Plant Stand [XS] Walnut

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Are your plant kids big in spirit, but short in foliage? Or perhaps they haven't been reaching for the stars like any good plant parent dreams they could. Give them a little elevation, and bring them closer to the light!

I recently released my new line of Tri-Plant Stands, intended for indoor use on your desk, shelf, vanity, media unit, countertop, table or floor! If you kill any plant you own, that's ok. The Tri-Plant Stands can also be used for jewellery safekeeping, a candle holder, a cupcake supporter, a spot for you to keep your keys from being lost- and much more.

Each component of this product has been handcrafted from high quality hardwood, locally sourced from Ontario. The shallow cove where your plant could soon live has been coated with marine grade epoxy to make it waterproof- and food safe wax to make it cupcake worthy.


XS - 2" diameter pot. 3.5"W x 3"L x 3.25"H
S - 3" diameter pot. 5"W x 4.25"L x 4.5"H
M - 4" diameter pot. 6.25"W x 5.5"L x 6.5"H
L - 5" diameter pot. 7.75"W x 6.5"L x 8.5"H

~ terracotta pot INCLUDED ~

How it's Made:

In my wood studio, each product begins as an 8' long rough sawn board. The first step is to make the lumber flat on all four sides. Using heavy duty, loud, industrial woodworking machinery, I process the material and cut it down to size. It's a dusty and loud job- usually I wear hearing protection that makes my head wider than it is tall. Once the wood is the correct size, I use a woodturning lathe and special chisels to shape the round legs and create the cove inside the triangle. I carefully apply a radius to each edge using a router. The entire product is sanded to increasing grits of sandpaper, finishing at 320 when it's very soft to the touch. The cove in the base is sealed with epoxy, and I glue the legs to the base. I apply a selection of stains and sealants to create a variety of colours. I carefully inspect each product to ensure that its passes quality control. It is then ready to be shipped to you, and provide your life with the beauty and goodness that can only be provided by adorable plant holders.

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