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Brown Handmade Authentic French Butter Dish, Beurrier Breton, SOLD OUT! Contact me for a special order.

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ATTENTION: Everything here has sold out, including the top-selling Hippie Chic Olive Oil Bottles and the Authentic French Butter Dishes. So if see one or more here that you want, contact me, and I can reserve it for you in my next firing.

Use this authentic, handmade French Butter Dish to enjoy fresh, spreadable butter whenever you need it, without having to put it in the refrigerator.

Also known as a Beurrier Breton in France, this butter dish keeps your butter soft and fresh on the counter for weeks.

No more fighting with hard butter on your morning toast!

Ahh, the simple pleasures in life!

As explained on Wikipedia ( this late 19th century invention is made of two parts: a base that holds water, and a lid which acts like a cup to hold the packed butter.

Simply pack the lid (the hollow part with the air holes) with about 1/4 lb of butter.

Then fill up the base about half-way with fresh water. You want to put enough water so it passes through the holes and touches the butter.

Slide one part into the other and that's it.

As simple as that.

All you have to do now is change the water every odd day to keep your butter fresh and spreadable at all times.

IMPORTANT: The French Butter Dish you invest in should have AIR HOLES made into the lid.

These AIR HOLES allow the water to touch the butter, thereby creating a vacuum (a seal) so the air doesn't get to the butter.

It's this vacuum effect that keeps the butter fresh and spreadable, without refrigeration.

Without these AIR HOLES, you're basically getting a lidded jar, not a time-proven, handcrafted, authentic French Butter Dish that has stood the test of time because it really works.

Remember: changing the water every odd day keeps the butter fresh and spreadable for weeks on your counter top, without refrigeration.

► This handy helper was high-temperature-fired in a gas kiln for 8-10 hours.

► The flames and the controlled temperature fluctuations that I control give this French Butter Dish tones and visual effects that are virtually impossible to get in a typical firing using an electric kiln.

This firing process makes each piece unique, both in character and style.

No two French Butter Dishes will ever be the same.

► Not made from a mold or mass-produced, so you're investing in a truly one-of-kind, handmade original piece signed by the pottery artist (potter's mark)

► Dishwasher safe, so you don't have spend time hand washing it

► Curved lid stylishly-designed so butter won't drip on the table

► Looks great in a modern or a conventional-looking kitchen, so it's always in style

► Natural, un-glazed strip of stoneware at the base makes for easy gripping and underscores its contemporary and timeless look

► Approx. size: 4 1/2" (W) X 4 1/2" (H)

Nicole Marcoux-Perry
Perry Pottery

"Makes It Special"

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