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CharCATerie Board [M] Black Cherry

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This is purrrfect for your kitchen! These boards are a one-of-a-kind way to serve delicious bite sized foods like meats, cheeses, crackers, sushi, bread, fruit, cookies, cupcakes, and much more.

My brand new CharCATerie Boards are comprised of many carefully selected pieces of wood based on grain patterns. Inspired by Calico cats, they consist of three species of locally sourced Ontario Woods- Black Cherry, Hard Maple, and/or Black Walnut.


S - 7" x 9" x 0.625"
M - 9" x 12" x 0.625"
L - 12" x 15" x 0.625"

How it's Made:

Every object I make starts as an 8' long, "rough-sawn" board. The first step is to make the lumber flat on all four sides. Using heavy duty, loud, industrial woodworking machinery, I process the material and cut it down to the size I need. It's a dusty and loud job- usually I wear hearing protection that makes my head wider than it is tall. Once the wood is the correct size, I begin cut the boards into quarter-sawn and book-matched pairs. I mix and match patterns around knots and characteristics in the woodgrain. Once I've flipped and rotated the pieces one hundred times- and found a configuration I am happy with, I glue the pieces together using a waterproof adhesive. The glue has to cure for 24 hours before I can flatten the board again. I use a template I created to trace my cat shape out onto the piece. I carefully cut out and sand the boards to get the CharCATerie shaped contours. I use a router with a bearing bit to round over the edges so that the product feels great to hold. I carefully sand the entire piece using incremental sandpaper grits, finishing at 320 when it's very smooth. I then apply a coating of food grade oil 3 times, allowing 12 hours of cure time between coats. The final finish is a food grade wax, which seals the board even more, and makes it ready to use as soon as it gets to it's new home- your kitchen.

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