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Information for Sellers


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The One of a Kind Online Shop is a juried retail marketplace
featuring handmade creations by North American makers, artisans and designers.

The brand has been delivering an inspiring shopping experience since 1975.
For almost 40 years, we have carefully selected and brought together artisans
from across Canada at our Spring and Christmas events in Toronto.

And now….
the Show customers can shop their favourite
One of a Kind products year-round!




If you are a current One of a Kind Christmas and/or Spring Show Exhibitor no application is necessary. You receive a complimentary Online Shop with your participation in the Show!

If you are an artisan who works and resides in Canada and the United States, and are NOT contracted to participate in one of the upcoming One of a Kind Shows you can apply to sell your work on the One of a Kind Online Shop.


  • You must be the designer as well as involved in the creation and production of your art and craft
  • You must reside in Canada and/or United States
  • Your art or craft must be made in Canada and/or United States
  • Your application package will be juried for the quality, uniqueness, salability of your product


Your application must include the following items. Please check off items as you complete. The online system will not process or accept incomplete applications.


YOUR INSTAGRAM HANDLE: (@blankblank123) or website ( representing the range of work you would like to sell on your One of a Kind online shop, please see Support Materials below for information

STEP – BY – STEP: include a detailed step-by-step description of how your products are made. Please be specific about your involvement. If there are others involved in the creation of your work, please explain how they assist you.

BIOGRAPHY: tell us about yourself, your education and training, and where you have shown and sold your work online. Plus a head-shot of yourself (digital image only)

PRICE LIST: include a price list of all the product images you have submitted with your application.

BODY CARE / FLAVOURS / CANDLES / SCENTED: a detailed ingredient list with your application

FEE: a $25 application fee is required for each non-exhibitor submission. This fee will be cashed automatically through the online application process. Applications cannot be submitted without paying this fee.



Upon acceptance to the OOAK Online Shop, you will be required to fill out an online acceptance form for payment and contract.

Any new products you would like to add to your online shop throughout the year that was not part of your initial application process does not need to be juried, but must comply with the acceptance criteria.

Please note that both the One of a Kind Shows and One of a Kind Online Shop operate separately. If you would like to exhibit in the OOAK Shows you will need to send in a separate application. You can find more information about the Show application at .

If you are accepted to sell your work at the One of a Kind Online Shop, this is NOT automatic acceptance or preference to participate at the One of a Kind Show & Sale.


Flavour artisans should consult with local government, health and/or agriculture department to ensure that your business is compliant with all laws and regulations to sell food/edible items online.


Once a transaction takes place, the order shipping information, payment, and any special notes will go directly to you, the seller. It will be your responsibility to fulfill and ship this order directly to the customer within the promised schedule you have stated in your Shipping Policy on your Online Shop.

It is also your responsibility to state and implement return policies. If your customer would like to return a product they have purchased, you will be required to manage their request and facilitate the full return. It is therefore important for you to carefully consider and state your return and/or refund policy before opening your shop. To ensure customer satisfaction, we suggest that you be as detailed as possible in your product descriptions and product images to avoid any misinterpretations by your customer.


All customer inquiries about returns, refunds or lost & damaged products must be handled directly with the Artisan the product is purchased from. The Artisan is responsible for full refunds and any shipping, other costs incurred. The One of a Kind Online Shop commission is not refunded or returned in any case.


Each artisan shall comply with all applicable domestic and North American laws and regulations regarding your use of the One of a Kind Online Shop, if applicable, your listings, purchase, solicitation of offers to purchase, and sale of items.

You are responsible for paying any and all taxes applicable to any purchases or sales of items you make on the Online Shop.


The One of a Kind Online Shop will charge a 10% commission rate (plus HST) based on the retail price of each product sold by non-exhibitors.

If a non-exhibitor becomes an Exhibitor of an upcoming One of a Kind Show and Sale, the commission rate will be changed to the Exhibitor rate of 5%.

An annual membership fee of $100.00 + HST per year must be paid upon receipt and signing of the Online Shop contract.

Membership fees for both exhibitors and non-exhibitors are locked in annually, no change will occur even if your status as an exhibitor or non-exhibitor changes.


Artisans will be required to setup a PayPal account upon gaining access to the Online Shop.

All consumer transactions through the One of a Kind Online Shop will be facilitated and approved by PayPal. Upon approval of consumer transaction, funds will be directly deposited into the artisan's Paypal account, less One of a Kind commission and all Paypal fees.

No monthly invoicing, or redirects of funds – money moves directly from customer to you!

PayPal will charge you 2.9% of the sale total, plus 30 cents for each transaction.



Customer purchases made on the OOAK Online Shop with a gift certificate will be paid out separately from Informa Canada via PayPal.

Should you make a sale with a customer using a gift certificate, please allow up to 5 business days to receive payment. Before issuing payment, the One of a Kind Shop will calculate the artisan's balance by deducting the appropriate commission, taxes, and PayPal transaction fees.


All transactions on the One of a Kind Online Shop will be securely administered by PayPal.


Membership fees are paid annually contract and are non-refundable. All contracts and membership fees are automatically renewed each year, unless an artisan has deactivated their One of a Kind Online Shop and is no longer selling product. Please e-mail Oriana to disable your OOAK Online Shop membership.


Feel free to contact Oriana with any questions, comments or suggestions about the One of a Kind Online Shop!


Oriana Doan –

Exhibitor Coordinator & Online Shop Specialist, One of a Kind Shows | Global Exhibitions

For more information, please email us.