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Marie Anne Miljours

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


We create sustainable leather goods, in a strong and durable material ; veg tanned leather.

Quality over quantity is our watchword. This is why we chose to use vegetable tanned leather free of chemical products.

Each product is thought to be useful on the day to day.

Why We’re One of a Kind

01 Veggie tanned leather

All Matu products are eco-friendly and are made with vegetable tanned leather. It is a strong material with which we can make durable goods. The color of vegetable tanned leather will naturally age through the years and eventually become a stunning dark caramel color. This genuine leather has a lifespan of over 40 years.

The eco-sensitive approach is at the heart of the creations at Matu. That's why we use a vegetable tanned leather for all our products.

The vegetable tanned leather is an animal leather. "Tanning" is the process of transforming animal skin into leather. Different tanning processes exist. The most popular is the chrome salt tanning. This is a very fast process as it only requires 7-8 hours. However, the latter generates serious consequences. First, chromium is a heavy metal and it is very dangerous to the health of workers. Furthermore, tanning that uses a lot of water is very harmful to the environment since these waters are usually discharged into lakes and rivers near the big cities of poor countries such as Bangladesh, Morocco, Turkey or India.

Vegetable tanning is made with a plant base. Therefore, when the water is discharged into lakes and rivers, there is no impact on ecosystems. In addition, the plant powder is not toxic to workers. Vegetable tanned leather is a leather dyed naturally over time, gradually moving from a beige to a dark caramel color. It is also very durable and has a life expectancy of over 40 years.

It is also important to distinguish between vegetable tanned leather, which Matu uses, and vegan leather. Indeed, the vegan leather is a fabric made essentially from oil and therefore very harmful to the environment.

02 " Slow made "

“Slow made” is part of the slow movement that encourages designers to take their time to create. In order to make our creations more traditional, we finish our products by hand with great care. Most of the time, the industrial production neglects the creativity and the quality of the product. The “slow made” philosophy requires research, a thoughtful creation process, the use of sustainable materials, as well as the creation and the fabrication of innovative objects and a timeless product.

“Slow made” and “slow economy” come together. This new philosophy redefines the production, which is quality over quantity. The design of each product is meticulously thought and researched in order to create a sustainable product that is useful everyday. We believe that consumption of goods should be well thought and responsible.

03 Treatment of the Products

Each Matu product is covered with a biological wax which protects the vegetable tanned leather. We recommend applying wax on your leather goods from time to time; this will help the leather keep its softness and flexibility (you can find a similar wax at a shoe repairer shop).

04 Made in

Every product is made in Montreal, our hometown. We encourage local consumption.

Primary Materials

Veg tanned Leather // Cuir tanné végétal

Shipping Policy

If you have any questions about a product prior to ordering or if you have any problems with your online order, please contact us at and we will be glad to assist you.

When you place an order, a confirmation email with all the information concerning your purchase will be sent to your email address.

Since all our products are made to order, the estimated time for delivery is three (3) weeks maximum.

Our shipping costs are calculated during check out and vary depending on the delivery address.

Exchange and Refunds
If your product is defective, you can exchange or return merchandise for any order you made on

You must send your complaint within 30 days after having received your purchase. Beyond this period, no exchange or refund will be possible. Before returning an item, please contact us by email at Any damaged product will not be refunded or exchanged.

If you wish to return or exchange an item for any reason besides defect, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges and must ensure that all items are in the condition they were received in.

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