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Mosaïque fleurie

Mosaïque fleurie

Mosaïque fleurie

Claire Labelle

Longueuil, Quebec, Canada


My love of flowers has been part of me since I was a little girl.My interest has grown over the years; especially so when I see the happiness which a flower bouquet can bring to a loved one or enjoying the thrilling smell of a beautiful garden in bloom. I can’t deny flowers awakened a creative spirit in my soul.

In order to enhance my skills and knowledge I have taken courses in Floral Design, Ikebana which is Japanese Floral Art and Indoor Floral Decoration.I started to spend more time in the garden, growing flowers, tracking their blooming cycle, discovering new varieties, and harvesting them.Handpicking them at the right moment and always looking for new ways to preserve their everlasting natural beauty.

I wished to highlight the natural beauty of flowers that surround us by creating a decorative product which is not only a functional part of everyday life, but also captures the flowers radiance no matter what the season.Drying the flowers in a press became a natural way to do this.

Overtime, Mosaïque fleurie has become a lifestyle of caring and nurturing of flowers.I developed a technique of how to sow, cut, divide, harvest, shape, press, and preserve my raw material: the flowers. In order to keep all their magnificence; I needed to find a complimentary natural material worthy of their grace: wood, became my ally.Which in turn meant I had to learn to saw, drill, router, sand, and varnish to finally create art pieces that are now the reputation of Mosaïque fleurie.

Since 2010, I have been a member of the Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec and the Conseil montérégien de la culture et des communications. I also recently joined the International Pressed Flower Art Society and I am a member of Citizens of Crafts movement as an artist.

Mosaïque fleurie was born of a passion for flowers and a deep desire to share it. Welcome to my universe.

Why We’re One of a Kind

The Mosaïque fleurie has been taking a new approach to the art of preserving flowers. Melding the natural beauty of pressed flowers with the warmth of wood, Mosaïque fleurie creates unique pieces, both decorative and functional. The objects are home designed and mainly hand made.

Working with naturals flowers takes finesse and talent in order to highlight their exquisite beauty.All flowers are unique by nature thereby ensuring each art piece is one of a kind.

Every product is identified with a specific label which indicates the flowers varieties and the hardwood species used.

OUR MISSION: To offer unique high quality products which brings happiness and and enchantment to the ones who receive them.

Primary Materials

Grown and picked from the garden, the flowers are carefully selected to obtain colors, shapes and textures that are out of the ordinary. The process of creation begins with the pressing of the flowers. The expressiveness that emerges in the pressing is what inspires and guides the outcome; minimal or sensual, classic or contemporary.More than three hundred varieties of flowers are used for this purpose, including many uncommon and remarkable.

In order to push the boundaries and to further pursue the subtle play between wood and flowers, Mosaïque fleurie has been designing and fabricating the very wooden pieces on which its floral compositions come to life. We work with different hardwood species, many locals and some exotics. For each creation the hardwood species is specially chosen to better fit the flower variety featured.

The longevity of the pieces is ensured by a careful blend of finishes that are mild enough to preserve the delicate flowers, and robust enough to preserve and capture the freshness of summer.

Shipping Policy

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