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Muskoka Pewter

Garrett Green

Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada


It's not often you stumble into your craft by accident but that is how I got started creating pewter pieces. Initially, I was casting lead fishing lure components under the name of Ambush Tackle. After purchasing the proper spin casting equipment I was able to produce a years worth of tackle in about three weeks. What was I going to go for the other 49 weeks of the year? I had heard of a metal called Pewter so I thought "Why not give it a try?"

So in 1995, my trial and error attempts to create pewter pieces turned into my full time passion. Since that beginning, Muskoka Pewter has created hundreds of different pieces from tiny charms to 3 lb. statues and have casted hundreds of thousands of pewter pieces. The most successful items we create are our vast line of Christmas ornaments but we also create lapel pins, key chains, statues, tooth fairies, wine stoppers, mug pieces, charms, cheese knives and the list goes on.

Currently, I am working on a piece for the legislative assembly of Canada and I have also done pieces for the RCMP, Girl Guides of Canada and Habitat for Humanity to name a few.

Thanks for visiting Muskoka Pewter.

Why We’re One of a Kind

Muskoka Pewter's pieces are originals to the company. Most of them have been originally hand carved by myself and other artists although we have been able to generate some simpler designs by computer generation. As well, once a model is created, we can manipulate it with company logos, dates, etc. to customize it.

Primary Materials

Traditionally, pewter was a mixture of metals mostly composed of tin and lead. In fact, many different types of pewter are still available today with different concentrations of tin and lead. Other metals found in pewter are bismuth, antimony, copper and silver.

Muskoka Pewter's mixture of metals includes 98 % tin, 1.5 % bismuth, 0.25 % copper and 0.25 % silver. WE ARE LEAD FREE! Even though there is just a small amount of silver in our mix, it is very important to the final shine in our products.

Shipping Policy

Shipping via Canada Post Expedited service unless otherwise requested.