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Otter Creek Woodworks

Ottercreek Woodworks Inc.

Otter Creek Woodworks

Dave Schonberger

Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada


Thank you for considering my wood products. As Founder, Owner, and Artisan of Ottercreek Woodworks Inc., I would like to tell you my story…

Born and raised with a hard work ethic, a healthy respect for the environment, and love for trees and wood; it was only natural that I would pursue carpentry as a profession. As a licensed carpenter, I spent many days on the job site working in all sorts of weather with a variety of materials from drywall, to shingles, to pressure treated 2x4’s. But I yearned to craft with the material more prevalently used in years past; WOOD. In spring of 2014, as a last minute idea, and perhaps by fate, I made one single charcuterie board as a Mother’s Day gift. This is where my story truly begins. Before I knew it, I was spending all of my free time making boards for those who had seen the one I had made for my mother. I quit my full time job as an onsite carpenter to become a full time woodworker and master of the wooden charcuterie/serving board. I haven’t looked back since.

Why We’re One of a Kind

While quality is our top priority, uniqueness sets us apart.

Every board goes through 18 rigorous steps to completion. A piece of wood is carefully selected for grains, knots, and other character features. A unique and custom handle is then hand drawn to accentuate the specific piece of wood and its unique characteristics. Highlighting each distinctive feature creates a one of a kind board. The board is then shaped and meticulously sanded before being massaged with Ottercreek Woodworks Beeswax Wood Balm .

It is important to note that at every single step, every piece goes through our hands for a quality check. An 18 point quality inspection ensures each board meets our high standards of excellence.

Primary Materials

Using only locally and sustainably sourced materials, the Ottercreek Woodworks woodshop is a busy place full of vision, creation, and of course sawdust. Ottercreek Woodworks is proud to use only local hardwoods available in Southern Ontario which are acquired in one of three ways:

·As urban trees that have been removed or damaged by storms.

·By our valued Sawyer who sees and marks thousands and thousands of trees each year for sustainable harvest. Among these thousands of trees, he selects a few that exemplify the characteristics we seek.

·Wood that has been thrown to the side due to imperfections considered to be unusable by other woodworkers. This unique wood is exactly what we seek, and creates the canvas for our work.

These species include: Black Walnut, Cherry, Maple, White Ash, Apple, White and Red Oak, Hard Maple, Hickory, and Beech and more!

Shipping Policy

Thanks for shopping at Ottecreek Woodworks!

  • Instock items ship within 2-3 business days
  • Custom orders ship within 10 business days
  • We currently only ship to locations in Ontario