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Practical Art

Practical Art

Practical Art
Michael McNeil
and Steve Pietens

Shakespeare, Ontario, Canada


Interior and Exterior Metal Home Decor

Practical Art began in 1992 as a furniture line by Michael McNeil, but it was not until teaming up with Steve Pietens that the magic really started to happen. Together we changed directions and began creating the large line of metal artwork that you see today. The ultimate goal is to offer a practical component for each unique piece. This process has been a slow progression, and many transformations in product lines have occurred over the years.

Originally, the collection of materials was from scrap piles, and slugs were acquired from bus rims. For almost a decade, products were created entirely from connecting recycled slugs from the Acride company in London, Ontario. This original method of production still maintains its character in some pieces today such as our ladybugs. As well, our initial line of products from 25 years ago can still be seen in gardens across Ontario due to our high quality workmanship, which offers the ultimate durability.

To help us maintain close relationships with our customers - especially to those who couldn't always get the opportunity to visit us at the shows, we decided to develop a website offering our complete product line for on-line purchasing. The site is hosted by Shopify, one of the most secure e:commerce platform in North America, so you can be assured that it is 100 percent secure when placing orders and entering your payment information. Our approach to is to keep it simple, making it very easy to navigate, and to keep it updated with new features to enhance your visit and purchasing experience. Please visit our site often as we plan to introduce new items frequently and feature some limited time unique products that will only be available for a short time.

Make sure you register and join the Practical Art Club. By becoming a member, we will automatically let you know about new products and special offers to compliment your collection of Practical Art items.

Why We’re One of a Kind

The foundation of the business is to create unique metal artwork; however, the primary goal of our product line is to offer an attractive piece that also serves a practical purpose. This is why the business is called Practical Art. You will notice that the majority of our products are equipped with hooks, lights, or shelves, which gives the attractive piece of artwork a functional purpose beyond aesthetic appeal. Over time, customers appreciated the craftsmanship of our metal work and wanted pieces that served an entirely decorative purpose, so we created a line of flower vines to fit this demand. Our automotive and powder coat finishes allow all pieces to be placed in both interior and exterior settings, increasing the functionality.

Primary Materials

Interior and Exterior Metal Decor