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March 2019: Brand New

Brand New

Craft has been an integral part of our DNA since the start. As we are gearing up for the 41st annual One Of A Kind Spring Show, this month, we will take a moment to celebrate both the new and the loyal exhibitors who have championed creativity with us along the way. From top brand new picks to favourite One Of A Kind memories, here's a sneak preview to #OOAK19. See you at the Show!

One Of A Kind 2019 Spring Show

March 27-31, Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place


One of a Kind.. Then and Now

Do you remember your first One of a Kind? Will Spring 2019 be your first show? Hear from our veteran makers (with over 142 years of One of a Kind experience between them!) about their first One of a Kind experience and what has changed since they started.

My first One of a Kind Show was spring 2011. I realized how much the Toronto crowd was interestedand proud of locally made fashion!

Now, 16 Shows later, I know how faithful the customers are at the show, they can’t wait to see your next collection! One of a Kind is like meeting twice a year to see old friends!

Melissa of Melow par Mélissa Bolduc

I can’t recall ever working so many hours in a week before One of a Kind! They say it’s not work if you love your job - and I can say thankfully that’s true! I love One of a Kind because One of a Kind= family! This is true for the wonderful supportive clients I have who come back to the show every year. This is true for the talented inspiring artisans who have become close friends. And this is true for the One of a Kind staff who go above and beyond to provide a high-quality welcoming event. The level of detail at each and every show is hard to fathom, and it runs so smoothly which means a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes.

Tricia of Green Bijou

My first experience at the One of A Kind Show was at the very first year of its existence. Barry and I have returned every single year and while it may sound like a cliché, it is truly a family not only of the craft people but between management, the public and us. We keep coming back to the show after almost 50 years because it is the best way to not only connect with our existing clientele but because it is the best venue to meet new clients. The show has become something of a home for us after all these years and not attending would be like not going home.

Marlene and Barry Goodman of Simplicite Jewellery

I started exhibiting with One of a Kind in 1992 at the Christmas Show, then the Spring show in 1993, and haven’t looked back since. The business side of the show is superlative: it is polished, beautifully run, with a glamorous presentation. The interpersonal side is the real perk, the bonus. I feel privileged to be part of a group who are artistically gifted, whose creativity astonishes me newly with each show, and whose friendships have greatly enriched my life. Add to that the stories shared by customers about the significance this chocolate plays in celebrating their personal special moments and I feel connected to a larger community. That interaction with patrons is what makes this business gratifying and fulfilling and helps balance the months of solitude spent cooking. It keeps me stirring those pots year after year.

Brook Jones of Brook’s Delectable Chocolates

My first ever One of a Kind show was back in the Spring of 2006. Not knowing how it would go, I built the smallest possible booth allowed, which had a 3x3 foot footprint. But having never visited the show, I wasn't sure if I was allowed to sit beside my booth or not. Just to be safe, I decided that I would sit inside the booth. When the show started there I was in the Rising Star section, sitting in a plywood box, selling little monsters and getting a lot of funny looks. It was pretty great.

Fast forward 13 years though, and I still get people coming up to me saying "I remember you back when you were in your little box...". That's pretty amazing.

Nick of Nugs

In 1975 we remember sitting in the living room of the 3 people who had an idea to start a show in Toronto for the existing local artisans. We decided to give it a shot along with about 70 others although its path was an interesting new focus on Canadian Handmade.

Fast forward to 2019 and we are still participants of Spring and Winter Shows that have grown exponentially over the years as have the memories of ever loyal long-time customers, friendly banter, and wild Saturday night dance parties in the Automotive Building that only a few of us would still remember!

Deb Sturrock of J.D. Leather Co.